PixaFlux is a powerful PBR Texture Composer. A node-based image editor that allows you to create and edit images in a non destructive way, using a node graph to organize the workflow without restrictions of size, position or color mode. PixaFlux offers native support for Normal Maps and 3D Texturing. PixaFlux Image Editing Evolved !!

Node Graph

Node Graph


3D Texture Composer

3D Texturing


Normal Maps

Normal Maps



Image Composition with PixaFlux


Color Correction

Image Color Correction with PixaFlux



Create Add Image Filters PixaFlux



Create Shapes PixaFlux


Paint 2D PixaFlux

Image Deformation

Image Deformation PixaFlux

Beta version

PixaFlux is currently in Beta testing. Be welcome to download the latest release here: PixaFlux Download

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