Gradient Map node

Left Toolbar > Adjust icon Adjust Nodes > Curves icon Gradient Map

The Gradient Map Node shades one image color to another. Blend it with the original image to add more options to adjust the output image's color.

In0 Img

Out Img


To add a Gradient Map to adjust the color:

  1. On the left toolbar choose Adjust Node Adjust icon > Gradient Map Node Gradient Map icon

  2. Drag the Gradient Map icon into the Node Graph.

    Gradient Map node

  3. Connect the output of an image node into the Img input in the Gradient Map node.

  4. Connect a Mask image ot the Mask to apply the Gradient Map effect to an specific area.

  5. Set the blend mode and opacity to modify the output image.


Img The image to be adjusted. Mask image.


Img The adjusted image.

Attributes Panel

Gradient Map attributes

Blend Mode

The adjusted image is blended with the input image to provide additional adjustment options. Select among different blend modes.

Opacity The opacity of the original image in the blending process.


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