Lattice node

Left Toolbar > Deform icon Compose Nodes > Lattice icon Lattice

The Lattice node allows you to deform an image using a regular lattice. By default the node is initialized with a 4x4 lattice, but more rows can be added easily.

In0 Img

Out Img


To deform an image with a lattice:

  1. On the left toolbar choose Deform Nodes > Lattice. Deform icon > Lattice icon

  2. Drag the Lattice icon into the Node Graph.

    Lattice node

  3. Connect the output of an image node into the Img input in the Lattice node.

  4. In the Image Viewport manipulate the Lattice gizmo to deform the image.


The Image to be deformed.


The deformed image.

Attributes Panel

Lattice attributes


All Deform Nodes have a Deformation Area set of attributes that define the area of deformation.

Apply to
Defines the area to which the deformation will be applied:
Region: The deformation area covers a region of the image. The position, angle and size attributes define this region.
Image The deformation area covers the whole image. This means that when the area is resized and repositioned, all image is resized and repositioned.

Define the position (X,Y) of the Deform Area.

Defines the angle of the Deform Area.

Defines the size of the Deform Area.

Blend Size
Controls the size of the soft deformation area when deforming in Region mode.

Resets the Deform Area.

Set Xform
Allows the gizmo to be moved.

Control Points

Resets the Control Points to their original position.

Set Number
Displays a dialog box to define the new number of control points.

Set Number of Points

Lattice attributes

Old X
Current number of control points in X (columns).

New X
New number of control points in X.

Old Y
Current number of control points in Y (rows).

New Y
New number of control points in Y.

Keep Shape
If checked, the new control points will keep the shape defined by the previous set of control points.