Compute Gradient node

Left Toolbar > Value icon Value Nodes > Compute Gradient icon Compute Gradient node

The Compute Gradient node computes the rate of change of the input image in x and y and returns two images.

In1 image

Out output_x

Out output_y


To apply a Gradient Node:

  1. On the left toolbar choose Value Nodes > Compute Gradient. Value icon > Compute Gradient icon

  2. Drag the Compute Gradient icon into the Node Graph.

    Compute Gradient node

  3. Connect an image output into the image input in the Compute Gradient node.

  4. Adjust the attributes of the node.


image An image of VALUE color mode.

Note. If the input image is not of VALUE color mode, it is converted to value color mode using the default settings.


gradient_x An image of VALUE color mode with the rate of change in x.

gradient_y An image of VALUE color mode with the rate of change in y.

Attributes Panel

Texture Turbulence attributes

Seamless If checked, the gradientx and gradienty images will be seamless if tiled. For best results the input image should be seamless.

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