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Menu > File > Write Project Writes a project to disk.

Read Project Reads a project from a disk file.

*Menu > File > New Project > Bitmap->Output * Creates a new project with a Bitmap node connected to an Output Node

Menu > File > New Project > Bitmap->Curves->Output Creates a new project with a Bitmap node connected to a Curves node connected to and Output node.

Menu > File > Save Dispaly Image Saves the current Display image. This is the image that is being displayed in the workspace.

Menu > Exit Close the program. Warning: It does not save the project info.

Menu > Edit > Undo (CTR+Z) Reverses the most recent action.

Menu > Edit > Redo (CTR+Y) Re-applies the most recent undone action.

Menu > Graph > Set Active Node Sets the Active Node

Menu > Graph > Set Display Node Sets the Display Node

Menu > Graph > Enable Selected Nodes

Menu > Graph > Disable Selected Nodes

Menu > View > Show Scene Window Show the scene Scene Window

Menu > View > Show Histogram Window Show the Histogram Show Histogram

Menu > View > Show Info Window Show the info window Show Info Window

Menu > View > Show Model Viewport Open a new window Show Model Window