Window Preferences

Edit > Preferences

The Preferences window displays the Color, Scene Viewport Sky, Image and OpenCL settings for the project.

Window Preferences Viewport


The Color page edits the default values to convert an RGB image to monochromatic value image (0.0 - 1.0). Rec 601: Applies the default values: Red: 0.299, Green: 0.587, Blue:0.114

The Scene viewport sky allows the user to set a default image to be used in the scene viewport. If no image is selected the viewport is set to black.

Window Preferences General Viewport


Set the maximum image size and the default Paint node image size. Default: 5000 pixels.

Image Window Image Preferences


Enables or disables OpenCL operations.

If OpenCL is disabled the operations are applied with the CPU engine.

Image Window OpenCL Preferences


Manages the Material Templates available in the project.

Image Window OpenCL Preferences

PixaFlux includes two read only material templates: pbralbedometal and pbrdiffusespecular.

See the Materials tutorial for more information about Materials in PixaFlux.

Users can add new material templates in the Preferences window.

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