Mesh Soften Edges node

Left Toolbar > 3D icon 3D Nodes > Mesh Position icon * Mesh Soften Edges Node *

The Mesh Soften Edges node .

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To create a Mesh Distance image:

  1. Load one of more model in the Scene Window.

  2. On the left toolbar choose 3D Nodes > Mesh Sodten Edges Node. 3D icon > Mesh Soften Edges icon

  3. Drag the Mesh Soften Edges icon into the Node Graph.

    Mesh Soften Edges node

  4. Connect the output socket into the Img socket in the Mesh Soften Edge node.

  5. Adjust the attributes of the Mesh Soften Edge node to modify it.



Attributes Panel

UVWMesh attributes

Position X Position X of the output image.

Position Y Position Y of the output image.

Size X Size X of the output image.

Size Y Size Y of the output image.



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