Free Form node

Left Toolbar > Deform icon Compose Nodes > Free Form icon Free Form

The Free Form Node allows you to deform an image by placing control points, and then moving, rotating and scaling them to deform the image as it was made of rubber.

The Control Points in Deform Free Form Node have two states: Initial and Modified, where Initial is the position on the image after deformation. The Control Points not only have position information, but also angle and size properties to provide more accurate deformation.

In0 Img

Out Img


To deform of an image with free control points:

  1. On the left toolbar choose Deform Nodes > Free Form. Deform icon > Free Form icon

  2. Drag the Free Form icon into the Node Graph.

    Free Form node

  3. Connect the output of an image node into the Img input in the Free Form node.

  4. In the Image Viewport manipulate the Free Form gizmo to deform the image.


The Image to be deformed.


The deformed image.

Attributes Panel

Free Form attributes


All Deform Nodes have a Deformation Area set of attributes that define the area of deformation.

Apply to
Defines the area to which the deformation will be applied:
Region: The deformation area covers a region of the image. The position, angle and size attributes define this region.
Image The deformation area covers the whole image. This means that when the area is resized and repositioned, all image is resized and repositioned.

Define the position (X,Y) of the Deform Area.

Defines the angle of the Deform Area.

Defines the size of the Deform Area.

Blend Size
Controls the size of the soft deformation area when deforming in Region mode.

Resets the Deform Area.

Set Xform
Allows the gizmo to be moved.

Control Points

Control Points can be edited in their Initial or Modified state. When they are in their initial state, the image is displayed without any deformations, when the Control Points are in their modified state the image is displayed with deformation.

The different Mouse Modes of Deform Free Form Node allows you to add, move, rotate and scale the Control Points in their initial or modified state.

Add is an Initial Mouse Mode. This Mode allows you to add new points with the mouse by picking the undeformed image. Once they are added you can return to the Modified image with the new Control Points integrated to the deformation.

Replace is an Initial Mouse Mode. Replace allows you to select, move, rotate and scale Control Points by dragging them with the mouse, or using the Transform Manipulator.

Deletes the selected Control Points.

Resets the selected Control Points, moving them to their initial position, with no rotation and no scale.


Initial State

Free Form attributes

Displays the Control Points in their original state. This gizmo is visible when the Add or Replace buttons in the Control Points group are checked.

Modified State

Free Form attributes

This gizmo allows you to select, move, rotate and scale a Control Point in their modified state. In this Mouse Mode the image is displayed in its deformed state, and if the Points are moved the image is deformed with them.

Compute Influences

When the Initial state of the Control Points change, in events like when Control Points are added, deleted or moved, the Deform Free Form Node needs to recompute the influence of these Control Images modifications on the image. This action is executed when the Mouse Mode changes from Initial to a Modified Mouse Mode, and when points are deleted in the default mouse mode.