Mesh Normal Angle node

Left Toolbar > 3D icon 3D Nodes > Mesh Position icon * Mesh Normal Angle Node *

The Mesh Normal Angle node rendeers the angle between the surface normal, and a vector defined in the attributes. The 0 degress angle value is rendered as white, and the 180 degrees value is rendered as black.

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Mesh Normal Angle Img


To create a Mesh Normal Angle image:

  1. Load one of more model in the Scene Window.

  2. On the left toolbar choose 3D Nodes > Mesh Normal Angle. 3D icon > Mesh Normal Angle icon

  3. Drag the Mesh Normal Angle icon into the Node Graph.

    Mesh Normal Angle node



A monochromatic image where the white values represent and angle of 0 degrees between the normal and the defined vector, and black is an angle of 180 degrees.

Attributes Panel

UVWMesh attributes

Position X Position X of the output image.

Position Y Position Y of the output image.

Size X Size X of the output image.

Size Y Size Y of the output image.

Vector X Coordinate x of the vector.

Vector Y Coordinate y of the vector.

Vector Z Coordinate z of the vector.


The following examples were rendered using a 200 x 200 Plane model, and two points at A (-50,-50,0) and B (50, 50, 0).