PixaFlux - PBR Texturing contest

Have you been working on a model that needs some texturing? Use PixaFlux in your project and share your work with us for a chance to win our first PBR Texturing contest.

Create the PBR textures for a 3D model with PixaFlux, submit your work and participate to win $100USD. Click here for more details: PixaFlux PBR Texturing Contest

Is this your first time using PixaFlux? visit our PixaFlux YouTube channel and learn more about this powerful texturing tool.

PixaFlux™ is a powerful PBR Texture Composer that allows you to create, bake and apply any texture onto your models in an instantaneous way. The power of a node-based editor combined with the efficient workflow to create and edit textures turns PixaFlux as the top solution in the market for Texture composition. With PixaFlux you will improve the quality of your images by creating photorealistic procedural textures in the most efficient way. Download it Today !

Node Graph

Node Graph


3D Texture Composer

3D Texturing


Normal Maps

Normal Maps



Image Composition with PixaFlux


Color Correction

Image Color Correction with PixaFlux



Create Add Image Filters PixaFlux



Create Shapes PixaFlux


Paint 2D PixaFlux

Image Deformation

Image Deformation PixaFlux

Be welcome to download PixaFlux here: PixaFlux Download

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