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Curves node

Left Toolbar > Adjust icon Adjust Nodes > Curves icon Curves

Adjust Curves Node allows you to correct the color ranges of an image with an user defined curve for each channel, or group of channels.

In0 image

Out image

The Value and the Red channels have been modified.


To adjust an image using curves:

  1. On the left toolbar choose Adjust Nodes Adjust icon > Curves Curves icon

  2. Drag the Curves icon into the Node Graph.

    Curves node

  3. Connect the output of an image node into the image input in the Curves node.

  4. Modify the curves to modify the output image.


The image to be adjusted.


The adjusted image.

Attributes Panel

Curves attributes


Defines the channel (or channel group) that will be edited by the curves. Changing the channel combo box loads the curves editor for the selected channel. Updates the curves values and histogram.

Resets the current channel.

Reset all
Resets all channels.


Curve editor
The curve window displays the current channel curve and activates it for mouse editing.
Add point. When the mouse pointer hits the curve an small PixaFlux Adjust Curves Add Point will be displayed. Clicking the mouse creates a new Curve Point.
Move a point When the mouse pointer hits a Curve Point the mouse pointer changes to an PixaFlux Adjust Curves Move Point. This allows you to pick and drag the point to a new location.
Select points Click on an empty region and drag a rectangle around the points to be selected.
Delete a point To delete a point, select it and move it out of the curve window.

Input Output
Each point has an input/output value (x,y). When a single point is selected it's input/output values will be displayed in the input/output spinners. Editing this values modifies the curve.
When multiple points are selected, the input/output spinners display 0.0,0.0. Editing these values moves the selected control points relatively to their current position.

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