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Color Range node

Left Toolbar > Compose icon Compose Nodes > Perspective icon Color Range

The Color Range node allows you to select an specific range of colors in the image.


In0 Img


Out Img C: #ff0000 T:0.05 F:0.8


To modify an image color range:

  1. On the left toolbar choose Compose Nodes > Color Range. Compose icon > Color Range icon

  2. Drag the Color Range icon into the Node Graph.

    Color Range node

  3. Connect the output of an image node into the image input in the Color Range node.

  4. Adjust the attributes of the Color Range node to change the output image.


image The Image to be modified.


image The modified image.

Attributes Panel

Color Range attributes

Color The color to be matched in the image.

Threshold Edit the selected range color component on the image. Range [0,1] Default: 0.05

Fuzziness Edit the selected color component on the image. Range [0,1] Default: 0.05

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