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Image Query node

Left Toolbar> Geometry icon Geometry Nodes> Image Query icon Image Query

The Image Query node returns the position, size and pivot of an image.

input In0 Image

position [80, 60] Point value

size [120, 75] Point value

pivot [0.4, 0.253] Point value


To get the position, size and pivot point values from an image:

  1. On the left toolbar choose Geometry Nodes > Image Query. Geometry icon > Image Query icon

  2. Drag the Image Query icon into the Node Graph.

    Image Query node

  3. Connect an image node value to the image input of the Image Query node.


image Type: Image Value


Type: Point Value The position of the input image.

size Type: Point Value The size of the input image.

pivot Type: Point Value The pivot of the input image.

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