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Number node

Left Toolbar > Math icon Math Nodes > Number icon Number

The Number node allows you to enter a number as an attribute and convert it to a Node Value that can flow in the node graph.


To add a Number Node Value to the node graph:

  1. On the left toolbar choose Math Nodes > Number. Math icon > Math Number icon

  2. Drag the Number icon into the Node Graph.

    Math Number node

  3. Connect the Output: number.


No Inputs.


number The number value.

Attributes Panel

Math Number attributes

Constant If set to number the value returned by this node will be the number defined in the Number spinner. If set to a different constant the value returnd by this node will be the value of that constant:

pi: π

two_pi: 2.0 * π

half_pi: 0.5 * π

inv_pi: 1.0 / π

invtwopi: 1.0 / (2.0 * π)

invhalfpi: 1.0 / (0.5 * π)

degtorad: π / 180.0

radtodeg: 180.0 / π



inv_255: 1.0 / 255.0

Number The number.

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