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Mesh Filter node

Left Toolbar > 3D icon Mesh Nodes > Mesh Filter

The Mesh Filter node applies image processing filters to the input image using all neighbors around the pixel that is being processed. These neighbors include pixels in different uv islands.

Mesh Filter In Input image and 3D object

Mesh Filter Out Output image


To generate a Filter image from a Mesh:

  1. Load a Model into the Scene.
  2. On the left toolbar choose Mesh Nodes > Mesh Filter. Mesh icon > Mesh Filter icon
  3. Drag the Mesh Filter icon into the Node Graph and connect the node to an image output of an existing node.
  4. Set the Scene and Object attributes.

Mesh Filter node


The image to be processed with a mesh image filter.


The processed image.

Attributes Panel

Mesh Filter attributes

Scene selector.

Object selector

The image processing filter applied to the input image. relax. computes the average color of all pixels around the pixel being processed. Mesh Filter Out

swap. swaps the pixel color with the color of one of its neighbors. Mesh Filter Out

min. sets the color with the minimum value on each channel. Mesh Filter Out

max. sets the color with the maximum value on each channel.

Mesh Filter Out

min value. sets the color to the color with the minimum value. Mesh Filter Out

max value. sets the color to the color with the maximum value. Mesh Filter Out

Seed for the random engine used by the swap filter.

Defines the size of the ring of pixels around the rendered zones, which prevents filtering issues when the model and textures are 3D rendered.


This video tutorial shows how to use the Mesh Cells, Mesh Filter and Mesh To Normal nodes to create a reptile skin surface texture.

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