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Mesh Group Bump node

Left Toolbar > 3D icon Mesh Nodes > Mesh Filter Mesh Group Bump

The Mesh Group Bump node generates a height image from a mesh and a groups or cells image.

Mesh Filter In Input image and 3D object

Mesh Filter Out Output image


To generate a Filter image from a Mesh:

  1. Load a Model into the Scene.
  2. On the left toolbar choose Mesh Nodes > Mesh Group Bump. Mesh icon > Mesh Filter icon
  3. Drag the Mesh Group Bump icon into the Node Graph and connect the node to an image output of an existing node.
  4. Set the Scene and Object attributes.

Mesh Filter node


The image with the mesh groups.


The image with the bumps for each group.

Attributes Panel

Mesh Filter attributes

Scene selector.

Object selector

The algorithm that generates the bumps. rings. grows rings from the border of each group. Mesh Filter Out

cloth. locks the borders of the group and the interior pixels are processed by a cloth algorithm. Mesh Filter Out

erode. each group is treated as a solid block that erodes from the edges. Mesh Filter Out

Iterations Number of iterations the method algorithm is applied.

Spring Spring constant between cloth masses. Only for the cloth method.

Damper Damper constant on the edges. Only for the cloth method.

Equalize Equalizes the maximum value of all groups. Only for the cloth method.

Maximum height of each column before it erodes. Only for the erode method.

Amount of erosion. Only for the erode method.

Defines the size of the ring of pixels around the rendered zones, which prevents filtering issues when the model and textures are 3D rendered.

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