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Mesh Normal Angle node

Left Toolbar > Mesh icon Mesh Nodes > Mesh Position icon * Mesh Normal Angle Node *

The Mesh Normal Angle node renders the angle between the pixel surface normal and a vector defined in the attributes. The Mesh Normal node generates a VALUE image with the angle in radians.

models Models Model

input Models image

Mesh Normal Angle image


To create a Mesh Normal Angle image:

  1. Load one of more model in the Scene Window.

  2. On the left toolbar choose Mesh Nodes > Mesh Normal Angle. Mesh icon > Mesh Normal Angle icon

  3. Drag the Mesh Normal Angle icon into the Node Graph.

    Mesh Normal Angle node



A NORMAL image.



A monochromatic image where the white values represent and angle of 0 degrees between the normal and the defined vector, and black is an angle of 180 degrees.

Attributes Panel

UVWMesh attributes

Position Position of the output image.

Size Size of the output image.

Vector X Coordinate x of the vector.

Vector Y Coordinate y of the vector.

Vector Z Coordinate z of the vector.

The size of the region of pixels around the rendered components.