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Normal Angle node

Left Toolbar > Normal icon Normal Nodes > Normal AngleNormal Angle

The Normal Angle node computes the angle of the normal and an user defined vector and returns a VALUE image with the angles in radians.

Normal Image image

Normal Image image


To calculate the normal angle:

  1. On the left toolbar choose Normal Nodes > Normal Curvature. Normal icon > Normal Angle icon

  2. Drag the Normal Angle icon into the Node Graph.

    Normal Angle node

  3. Connect a Normal image to the input socket in the Normal Angle node.

  4. Connect the Output.


An NORMAL image.


A VALUE image with the angle in radians.

Attributes Panel

Normal Angle attributes

Vector X
The vector's x component.

Vector Y
The vector's y component.

Vector Z
The vector's z component.

Error Messages

The Normal Angle node logs an error message if the input image is not a NORMAL image.

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