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Texture Nodes

The Texture Nodes group includes all procedural texture nodes and Render texture nodes.

The Texture Nodes module adds a submenu to the Main Menu with the Texture Preview window.

There are 3 types of nodes in the Texture group:

Texture Generators

These are nodes that define a procedural texture. A procedural texture is computer generated image created using an algorithm.

Texture Modifiers

These are nodes that modify the input textures, either by changing the color or the rendered area.

Texture Renderers

These are nodes that render the texture in the input node as an Image.


Texture Node Graph

In this node graph, the Perlin Texture node is a Texture Generator node. The Texture Turbulence node is a Texture Modifier that modifies the texture sampling points. The Render Texture node renders the input texture as an image.


Texture Node Graph Output

Texture Preview

Main Menu > Texture > Texture Preview

The Texture Preview window displays the texture in the Active or Display node.

See Texture Preview.