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Connected Components node

Left Toolbar > Value icon Value Nodes > Compute Gradient icon Connected Components node

The Connected Components node connects similar pixels in groups with the same index.

In1 image

Out image


To group pixels into connected components:

  1. On the left toolbar choose Value Nodes > Connected Components. Value icon > Connected Components icon

  2. Drag the connected components icon into the Node Graph.

    Connected Components node

  3. Connect an image output into the image input in the Connected Components node.

  4. Adjust the attributes of the node.


image An image.


image An image of VALUE color mode with a range low value of 0.0 and a high value equal to the number of components. Each component has its own integer value.

Attributes Panel

Connected Components attributes

Threshold A value used to compare neighboring pixels. If the neighbor pixel is within the threshold range its considered to be in the same component.

Neighbors all. Checks all eight pixel neighbors. cross. Check only the up, down, left, right neighbors.

Checks neighbors across the boundary.

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