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Value Steps node

Left Toolbar > Value icon Value Nodes > Value Steps icon Value Steps node

The Value Steps node reduces the gradation of the image to a selected number of tones.

In1 image VALUE image. Min: 0.0. Max 1.0.

Out image with 5 steps VALUE image. Min: 0.0. Max 1.0.


To apply a Value Steps:

  1. On the left toolbar choose Value Nodes > Value Steps. Value icon > Value Steps icon

  2. Drag the Value Steps icon into the Node Graph.

    Value Steps node

  3. Select the function in the attributes of the node.


image One or more images of VALUE color mode.

Note. If the input image is not of VALUE color mode, it is converted to value color mode using the default settings.


image An image of VALUE color mode.

Attributes Panel

Value Steps attributes

The number of constant value steps on the image.

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