Circle Image


Create a Voronoi image with random RGB colors

  1. Create a Voronoi Noise node [?].
  2. Create a Gradient Map node.
  3. Connect [Voronoi Noise > image] to [image > Gradient Map] [?].
  4. Add multiple colors to the Gradient at different positions.

To add more randomness to the final Voronoi image:

  1. Create an Random Noise node.
  2. Create a Bezier Curves node.
  3. Create a Bezier curve above the random noise image. You can set the random noise image as a Reference image with the top menu command View > Set Reference image.
  4. Create a Curve Sample Image node.
  5. Connect [Random Noise > image] to [image > Curve Sample Image].
  6. Connect [Bezier Curves > curve] to [curve > Curve Sample Image].