Deprecation 2019 11 01

PixaFlux 2019 11 01 introduces major features that more clearly define it as a materials and texture image composer. Some other features have been removed to speed up many node operations and simplify the compatibility between nodes.

These changes that make some projects from older versions incompatible with newer versions. We have tried to minimize the impact when loading older projects but in some cases you'll find missing nodes, missing connections or missing attribute values.

Deprecated Features

Color Formats

The following color formats have been removed: M, MA, RGB, HSVA and LABA.

All nodes related to converting from or to these color formats have been deprecated or modified.

Blend and Mask in Adjust Nodes

Blend and Mask have been removed from the Adjust nodes.

See the Deprecation Blend and Mask page for more information.

Deprecated Nodes

Modified Nodes