Grow node

Left Toolbar > Compose icon Filter Nodes > Grow icon Grow node

The Grow node grows the bright areas of the image in X and Y. This tool works on the individual channels of the image. The channel value on a pixel is set to the maximum value on the region defined by radius x and radius y.

In0 Img

Out0 Img
Image with a grow filter of 5 x 5 pixels.


To Grow an image:

  1. On the left toolbar choose Compose Nodes > Filter. Filter icon > Grow icon

  2. Drag the Grow icon into the Node Graph.

    Grow node

  3. Connect the output of an image node into the image input in the Grow node.

  4. Adjust the attributes of the Grow node to modify the output image.


The Image to be grown.


The grown image.

Attributes Panel

Grow attributes

Radius X
The radius of the grow in X.

Radius Y
The radius of the grow in Y.

Generates a seamless image.

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