Mesh Smooth Normal node

Left Toolbar > Mesh icon Mesh Nodes > Mesh Position icon * Mesh Smooth Normal *

The Mesh Smooth Normal node .

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To create a Mesh Distance image:

  1. Load one of more model in the Scene Window.

  2. On the left toolbar choose Mesh Nodes > Mesh Sodten Edges Node. Mesh icon > Mesh Soften Edges icon

  3. Drag the Mesh Soften Edges icon into the Node Graph.

    Mesh Smooth Normal node

  4. Connect the output socket into the Img socket in the Mesh Soften Edge node.

  5. Adjust the attributes of the Mesh Soften Edge node to modify it.


The Normal image with the Smoothed normals.

Attributes Panel

Mesh Smooth Normal attributes

Position X Position X of the output image.

Position Y Position Y of the output image.

Size X Size X of the output image.

Size Y Size Y of the output image.

Radius The radius of the pixel sampler.

Combine If checked, the pixels sampler includes pixels from non-connected mesh surfaces. If unchecked, the pixel sampler considers only pixels that come from the same group of connected faces.

Padding Defines the size of the ring of pixels around the rendered zones, which prevents filtering issues when the model and textures are 3D rendered.


This video tutorial shows how to use the new Mesh Smooth Normal node to bake a normal map that softens the hard edges of your models.

Model with final textures:

Mesh Smooth Normal Image

Project Node Graph:

Mesh Smooth Normal Node Graph

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