Value Clamp node

Left Toolbar > Value icon Value Nodes > Value Clamp icon Value Clamp node

The Value Clamp node sets limits the values of the image between a min and max range and applies an interpolation profile to the values within the range.

In1 Img VALUE image. Min: 0.0. Max 37.57.

Out Img VALUE image. Min: 0.0. Max 20.0.


To apply a Value Clamp:

  1. On the left toolbar choose Value Nodes > Value Clamp. Value icon > Value Clamp icon

  2. Drag the Value Clamp icon into the Node Graph.

    Value Clamp node

  3. Adjust the attributes of the Value Clamp node.


Img An image of VALUE color mode.

Note. If the input image is not of VALUE color mode, it is converted to value color mode using the default settings.


Img An image of VALUE color mode.

Attributes Panel

Value Add attributes

Min New minimum value of the image.

Max New maximum value of the image.

Profile Interpolation profile: linear: Linear interpolation. smooth: Smooth interpolation.. perlin: Faster smooth interpolation. arcin: Circular interpolation. arcout: Circular interpolation.

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