Node Graph Viewport

The node graph viewport display the node graph of the current project, and allows the user to interact with the node graph.

Node Graph Viewport


When the graph is on display the nodes can be selected and moved. Connections between nodes can be created and deleted.

Selected nodes are displayed with a white border.

Create Nodes: From the nodes menu click a node group button to display the node group menu. From the node menu select a node icon, and drag and drop it in the node graph viewport area, when the icon is dropped, the new node is created.

Select Nodes: Nodes can be selected using the mouse: Single Selection: Click a node with the left mouse button (LMB) to select it. Box Selection: Click LMB on an empty area of the graph and drag the mouse to select the nodes inside the box. Add to Selection: Press the Ctrl key when doing single selection or multiple selection to add nodes to the selection.

Move Nodes: Click a selected node and drag it to move all the selected nodes. Click an unselected node to select it and drag it to move it to a new position.


Connect Nodes: LMB click on a node output socket and drag the mouse to create a connection line. Drag the connection line to the input socket of a different node and release it.

Delete a Connection: Click on a connection line to select it. Click the Delete Key to delete the connection.

Swap Connection: When two nodes are connected to the same input node, you can swap these two connections by creating a new connection. This is the default behaviour. To prevent the swapping hold down the Shift key while creating the new connection.

Autoconnect on Create: When a node is dragged from the nodes menu by default it autoconnects its input to the closest node to the left. This is the default behaviour. To prevent autoconnect hold down the Shift key while creating the new connection.

View Manipulation

Panning the Node Graph

Alt+LMB click and drag on the viewport to pan the view in X and Y.

Zoom Find Node Graph

Click the Zoom bottom PixaFlux Zoom Node Graph in the toolbar to zoom the node graph. The node graph is displayed on the Right bottom corner of the viewport.

Open Files

Drag and Drop files from your File Admin into the Graph Viewport to add it to your project. OBJ files can be added and will be add it to the project as a Model Node.

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