Blobs Texture node

Left Toolbar > Texture icon Texture Nodes > Texture Blobs Procedural icon Blobs Texture node

The Blobs Texture generates a Blobs procedural texture

Out0 Texture The procedural Blobs texture.


To apply a Texture Blobs Procedural node:

  1. On the left toolbar choose Texture Nodes > Texture Blobs Procedural. Textures icon > Texture Blobs Procedural icon

  2. Drag the Blobs Texture icon into the Node Graph.

    Texture Blobs node

  3. Adjust the attributes of the Blobs Texture node.


Procedural textures are not displayed in the Image Viewport. To preview procedural images use the Texture Preview window, and to convert them to raster images use the Render Texture node.


A Blobs procedural texture.

Attributes Panel

Texture Blobs attributes

Color A
Defines the color A. Default #000000ff Opacity 1

Color B
Defines the color B. Default #ffffffff Opacity 1

Default 1.

Defines the range of interaction of the blobs. Small: The blobs interact with a small number of neighbors. Large: The blobs interact with a large number of neighbors.

Min Radius
Minimum radius of each blob.

Max Radius
Maximum radius of each blob.

Controls the number of blobs in the texture.

Seed Random seed.

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