Model Viewport

The Model Viewport displays the 3D Models from the active Model Node.

Model viewport

When the Model Viewport is opened, it scans the Node Graph and uses the first Model node as the current Model node. If there is more than one Model Node in the graph, select a diffferent Model Node and set it as the Active Node.

Node Graph

Camera Actions

Orbit Camera

Alt + LMB

Pan Camera

Alt + MMB

Dolly Camera

Alt + RMB

Zoom Frame

Key: F
Press the F key to zoom and frame all models in the viewport.


Right Click the [+] symbol in the left-top corner of the model Viewport to display the Model Viewport Settings window.


Position Sets the position of the camera.

Target Sets the target of the camera.

Fov Sets the fov angle of the camera.

Near Sets the near value of the clipping plane.

Far Sets the far value of the clipping plane.


Image Displays a File Open window to select the sky image. The sky image is not only the background of the viewport, but also provides ambient illumination to the models.

Brightness The brightness of the sky image. This value affects the illumination of the models.

Light 1 and Light 2

Position The position of the light.

Select Selects the light as the current light in the viewport for mouse manipulation.

Color The color of the light.

Brightness The brightness of the light.


Checkbox Shows or hide the grid.

Color Sets the color of the grid.